Name : Omer Sharif
Date of Birth : April 19, 1960
Place of Birth : Karachi, Pakistan

OMER SHARIF started his career in 1974, from Karachi, Pakistan. When he started his career, the Karachi Theater/Stage was a dead media. Without any Government support, within two to three years he established the Karachi’s Theater through his Plays. He delivered healthy and thoughtful messages to the Citizens of Pakistan via this platform. He wrote and spoke in his plays to always love your country and your nation, its a blessing, Pakistan is a blessing!

For the first time on audio cassettes in 1980’s, his message was spread all over the world. At that time, there was no proper theaters or auditoriums in Karachi for the performances. OMER SHARIF took initiative to convert the Cinema halls into the auditorium. From 1980 – 1985, Karachi Theater was the most popular Theater in the whole world.

OMER SHARIF later used the video media in a proper way and he recorded his all Theater Plays. “Bakra Qistoon Pey” was the world’s first Theater Drama in the history of Video Theater Plays to be recorded and released on the a Video Cassette. His Play made a phenomenal popularity all over the world.

OMER SHARIF is now known as “The Comedy King‘ not only of the Sub-Continent or Asia, but The World’s Best Ever Comedian/Artist.

It is not wrong to qoute here that ‘Each and Every Comedian’ you known today after OMER SHARIF ERA, has learned from him, replicated his performanes, mimiced him, and copied his art as an inspiration, in variuos formats on various platforms. Not to ignore that these lines does not limits to any specific Language.


OMER SHARIF worked a lot to make theater and the stage a popular platform for nation’s entertainment. He established the Karachi theater with his own efforts and introduced many artists in this field who are now Superstars at Theater/Stage.

OMER SHARIF had done many plays which made record businesses. As a result, his efforts bore fruit that made Karachi Theater/Stage a well known and popular platform for the entertainment. The Platform went so popular and large that FOUR Cinema Halls were converted into Theatres in Karachi, Pakistan.

His plays are full of entertainment, clean from the use of foul language or double entendres and well written for the pure entertainment (specially for families). Everyone enjoyed watching him more and more and have always encouraged him for his ‘clean’ effort.


He likes his National Language ‘URDU‘ as it is his mother-tounge too. He has always preferred to do his plays and movies in Urdu Language. When there was no tradition of Urdu Language in films, he produced an Urdu Feature Film “Mr. 420” in 1992, which made a record business and was a great cinema hit. After his film, many filmmakers wanted to make a Urdu Featured Film and it became a tradition.


OMER SHARIF broke the language bariers through his theater plays which are done in Urdu Language only. Due to his immense popularity in PUNJAB, Pakistan. OMER SHARIF responded them with open arms and warm love.

Shama Cinema‘, was converted into a Theatre in 1993 in Lahore just as earlier converted in Karachi City. As a good gesture and an effective response towards the love of the Lahore people, OMER SHARIF gave them entertaining place and built a Private Theatre named as ‘Lahore Theatre‘. He is the only artist to build a Private Theatre on the name of the Lahore City. This explains how much OMER SHARIF loved Lahore.


OMER SHARIF’s Mission & Vission was to establish the URDU Language and Theater Art firm. The message that OMER SHARIF always portrait through his films and plays is to love the country, the nation and to know your culture, traditions and religion in every aspect.

OMER SHARIF was a true Pakistani, only interested to establishing his love for his Country Pakistan.


In the period of Benazir Bhutto, OMER SHARIF wrote and performed a play named as “Lotay aur Lifafay” which was based on Pakistan’s Politics. Muslim League (N)’s Nawaz Sharif’s MNA took an action against OMER SHARIF as “Tehrik-e-Isthekaq” and then he was called in the Assembly.


For the past many years, OMER SHARIF worked for ‘Shoukat Khanum Memorial Research Centre‘ inside the country and abroad.

OMER SHARIF had shared his love for;
• Mashaq N.G.O. Mrs. Gen. Ijaz Azeem.
• Ansar Burney Trust.
• Performing in many Charity Shows.
• Build A Private Hospital named as “Maa Hospital” in Karachi City, to serve the Humanity.


He loves his country very much and tells people through his plays and variety shows. He conveys the message of love and peace for his country amongst his nation. He says love your country, your nation, your religion, culture, and traditions and your well-wishers. His every play has a moral at the end, which shows his love and affection towards his country. At every show, he gives a long description about his nation and country. His love towards his country could be imagined when he went to visit India in 1991, he signed nine films over there as an actor and director. When the pure hindu Bal Thakray came to know about his film signing, he torched his portrait in front of Dehli Governors House and banned him in India. He loves his country so much that he left those films and came to Pakistan, and he feels proud that he is banned in India.